Business services


Special rates


  • Ordinary letters with documents to be sent to addresses within the territory of Latvia if the monthly quantity of postal items sent reaches 1,000 postal items

  • Simple letter and registered letters with items to be sent to addresses within the territory of Latvia if the monthly quantity of postal items sent reaches 100 postal items.

You can receive more detailed information about the terms and conditions for the awarding of special rates by calling 67008002 or writing to: .


Office postman

Courier services to deliver your prepared postal items to your address.  If you are an office building administrator or there are several offices at your address, use the Office Centre Postman service.

We accept domestic and international postal items:

  • Letters – ordinary, registered and insured;
  • Packages – registered and insured up to 20 kg (international – in accordance with the terms and conditions of the postal administration in the country of the addressee).

Prepare documents for handing over a postal item to the postman in the system Mans Pasts.

Your benefits:

  • No need to spend time visiting a post office;
  • All monthly postal items on one invoice;
  • At office centres, this service can be concurrently used by several businesses, reducing costs;
  • You can also hand over unpaid postal items without postage stamps or a label.

You can apply for the service in writing by e-mail to: or in the Mans Pasts system.


Shipment return service for domestic shipments

Contract customers of Latvijas Pasts are offered shipment return service from parcel lockers within Latvia.

Recipients can conveniently return shipments to the sender free of charge using Latvijas Pasts parcel lockers.

Sender can create a return form in self-service system MansPasts when creating the shipment or creating a separate return shipment.

Shipment return service can be acquired upon recipient’s request or as additional service for all shipments.

How to apply for shipment return service? 

To apply for the service, log in to your user profile in the self-service platform MansPasts, go to section Services added to the contract and select Return service for domestic shipments.

When creating return shipment in self-service system MansPasts, there will be shipment number and return form provided that need to be provided to the customer.

If there is a need to print the return form repeatedly, it can be conveniently found in the section My shipments.

When applying for the service, it will be possible to set deadline for shipment return based on original shipment delivery date or return shipment create date.

Shipments will be returned to the sender by the courier at service fee of 2.15 EUR without VAT.

Latvijas Pasts plans to offer return service also for international small and large parcel shipments in the nearest future.


Advertising services

Direct mail

Direct mail improves sales results, strengthens consumer loyalty and attracts new customers.

We deliver direct mail postal items and information materials to a large group of recipients.

You have the chance to deliver identical advertising or publicity materials to a large group of recipients.

Target audience selection criteria:

  • territory (post office, city, district, region)
  • mailboxes of private individuals (apartment buildings, private houses)
  • mailboxes of legal entities

Terms and conditions:

Conclude an agreement for the delivery of direct mail, in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  • minimum quantity of postal items: 1,000 units
  • we do not provide deliveries to damaged mailboxes or mailboxes that cannot be locked
  • we deliver to mailboxes of legal entities and private individuals in Latvia within 3 business days

You can apply for the service in writing by e-mail to: or in the Mans Pasts system.


Advertising at Post Offices

We offer the opportunity of using post offices in order to promote your services and products and increase your sales.

Take the opportunity to place brochures, posters, billboards and videos on postal service points and reach the desired audience at the right time!


Latvijas Pasts advertising representative - "Mboom ad", LLC

Phone: +371 26436492

E-mail -